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Case interviews are the single most important factor in consulting interviews, whether for clubs, internships, or full-time jobs.

Casing Machine harnesses the power of AI to enhance your user experience in case interviews. The platform employs advanced AI algorithms to generate high-quality prompts tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are preparing for job interviews or refining your case-solving skills, Casing Machine's AI-driven prompt generation ensures that you receive relevant and challenging scenarios.

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How to Case

We make casing simple to navigate, simpler to use. No more hundred-dollar courses or odd time scheduling with friends or professionals

1. Click to receive a prompt from our chatbot
2. Type in your answer to each question
3. Receive feedback and steps to improve at the end
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Achieving Success

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Our vision is to give students the resources they need to achieve the jobs that they want!

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We started as an internal resource for our student consulting club and have supported members to join many professional firms

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